Heavy snowfall and blizzards in Iran

26 Dec 2020 – Snow closed 50 villages in Khorasan Razavi.

Heavy snowfall, slippery roads and blizzards closed the roads to 50 villages in the regions of Kalat and Dargaz in northern Khorasan Razavi.

On Friday evening, the General Directorate of Highways and Road Transportation of Khorasan Razavi closed the two main roads of Mashhad-Kalat and Quchan-Dargaz within the city of Quchan and the side road of Dargaz-Kalat due to heavy snowfall, blizzard and reduced drivers’ visibility.

The governor of Dargaz told IRNA: “The rural roads in the mountainous areas have been blocked due to snowfall.”

Ali Farahi added: 24 villages in Miankuh village, between Quchan and Dargaz cities, 10 villages in Zanglanlu village on the border of Kalat city with Dargaz and five mountainous villages in Kalate Chenar region, Nokhandan district have been closed due to snow and blizzard.

The governor of Dargaz said rescue forces have released eight vehicles trapped on the snowy roads of the city and have provided assistance to them.

The governor of Kalat also said: due to snowfall and slippery roads in this mountainous city, the communication road of Jorf, Momenabad, Babafarji, Aghdash, Babar Mozan, Sang Divar, Robat, Ash, crossroads, old line, old leather and old tray is currently blocked. Is.Mehdi Naseri added: A passenger bus traveling from Kalat to Mashhad was caught in a blizzard in the area of ​​Gojgi Pass, which passed safely with the help of traffic forces and reached Mashhad.

He continued: Red Crescent forces, traffic police and traffic police today helped 6 families caught in the snow and blizzard.
The center of the 75,000-strong city of Dargaz is located 254 km north of Mashhad. Dargaz has 139 villages consisting of four central parts, Lotfabad, Chapeshloo and Nokhandan. 30,000 people of this city live in villages. Dargaz borders the Republic of Turkmenistan to the north.

The General Meteorological Office of Khorasan Razavi also announced that the snow and rain will intensify Saturday and will increase in size.

Blizzards are expected to continue in mountainous areas of the province.


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December 26, 2020 at 11:13AM

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