Requesting Payment To Charity Related To The Climate Bet

Rob Honeycutt doesn’t believe every one on the coolist side has ponied up on the climate bet.

For those who may have yet to pay, please do the honorable thing of fulfilling your obligation to do so. 

And reader Mathhu ($100).

Rob sent me an email:

It really surprises me that I’m having to chase you down to get your guys to pay money to CHARITY which they pledged to pay.

You said upfront, in Jan 2011, that you were going to take care of this stuff when the bet concluded. I’m not asking you for people’s names because you agreed that you would do this work.

Is it really that hard to get these people to give money to a charity? I’m willing to update the list of names I posted on SkS with each person’s payment status. But you have to be willing to notify these people and tell them the bet is over and it’s time to pony up.”

Once payment is made, you can send proof of it to Rob’s address, which I’m sure can be found at SkS (I’m not at liberty to provide it due to data privacy laws here in Europe). Rob, if you’re reading, you can leave it as a comment.

Thanks everyone.

via NoTricksZone

February 5, 2021 at 03:24AM

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