EU Lagging Behind In GHG Cuts

By Paul Homewood




In its INDC at Paris, the EU pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% of 1990 levels by 2030. The UK signed up to the same target as part of the EU at the time.

Yet the EU’s progress has not been shared equally – far from it. The UK has already cut emissions by 38%, and the Fifth Carbon Budget legally requires a cut of 57% by 2030.

The EU27 average cut is only 20%, with many countries such as France, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium performing much worse. Incredibly we find that Spain, Ireland, and Austria have actually increased emissions since 1990. Even the much vaunted Germany has only managed a cut of 29%.


Instead of trying to destroy jobs in Cumbria, maybe Roger Harrabin and the demented Ed Miliband  might care to turn their attention to their beloved EU.


February 10, 2021 at 01:09PM

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