Autobahn Chaos in Germany as Record-Breaking Snowfall Continues

Long road jams have built up on Germany’s motorways as the nation’s historic snowfall persists, leaving hundreds of people stranded in their cars.

Shivering drivers have been found huddled in their vehicles, complaining of going 16+ hours without food as temperatures plunged below -12C (10F).

The bottleneck, which was caused by trucks stuck in the snow and stretching over 43.5 miles (70 km), had still not been cleared, local police said.

According to, severe jams were also reported in Hesse, with drivers there trapped for approximately 15 hours.

“The whole situation is tough, we are trying to work on a solution,” a police spokesman said on Tuesday morning, as reported by

In Bielefeld, a man was found dead on a snow-covered road on Monday, though the exact cause of death remains uncertain.

Many train services have seen cancellations, with snow and ice clogging the rails.

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer appealed to people in northern and central Germany to stay at home with temps falling to -27C (-17F) in some parts.

“In such extreme conditions, even the best gritting vehicles will reach their limits,” said Scheuer. “We are working on all fronts to ensure that we get the north-south roads free — so that we can at least drive with restrictions,” he added.

new Arctic front is now forming.

“[It’s] a small one, but it’s very fierce,” said Scheuer.

“On Wednesday we will get a lot of snow on the Baltic Sea and near Rügen, along with stormy conditions.”

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February 11, 2021 at 03:01PM

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