Record cold invades Moscow, Eiffel Tower requires blowtorch, summertime cold blamed for mass bird deaths in Australia

As the Main Stream Media doubles-down on its catastrophic global warming narrative, the planet is busy nosediving into its next cooling epoch: the Grand Solar Minimum.

Record Cold Invades Moscow

As reported by themoscowtimes.comwestern Russia has been hit by bitter cold this week, and has joined central and eastern regions which have been battered by brutal Arctic lows of -58.3C (-73F) and beyond for months now.

Moscowis suffering its coldest weather of the past decade, according to the MT article, with Muscovites suffering lows of -20C (-4F):

Looking ahead, Moscow’s big freeze freeze is only expected to intensify.

The GFS (shown below) has the majority of Europe under a polar air mass Monday, Feb. 15, with the freeze expected to persist until at least March.

Western Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Germany can expect the worst of Europe’s cold, with temps here tanking 24C below the winter average.

Eiffel Tower Requires Blowtorch

Heavy snow has blanketed the French capital, and bone-chilling lows have frozen the Eiffel Tower.

Workers at the Tower have used a blowtorch to melt the ice collecting on its surfaces, while snow was burying roads halting trains and school buses Wednesday across northern France, reports (AP).

Areas in Normandy and Brittany, unaccustomed to such icy conditions, were forced to close highways due to a lack of snow-clearing equipment.

In parts of Paris, the big freeze lead to local authorities halting school buses and urging parents to keep their children at home.

Much of Europe, including Britain, has been gripped by brutal polar fronts since the weekend –a lot longer in many cases– and heavy snowfall is responsible for tangling traffic and stranded drivers in Germany and the Czech Republic.


Summertime Cold Blamed for Mass Bird Deaths in Australia

As reported by, an unseasonable summer chill has gripped much of southern Western Australia (WA) this week.

The cold proved so severe that conservationists have blamed it for the widespread deaths of a small native bird in WA’s South West.

Parks and Wildlife conservation officer Ben Lullfitz said after the cold weather people had found dead tree martin birds from Augusta to Bunbury.

Mr Lullfitz added that the birds were unable to feed or regulate their body temperature during the cold conditions.

“We don’t know how many exactly have died but it’s been a widespread event,” he said.


Record Cold Invades Moscow, Eiffel Tower requires Blowtorch, Autobahn Chaos in Germany, and Summer Chills Blamed for Mass Bird Deaths in Australia

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