How Dare You!

How Dare You!

During the 19th century, Greta Thunberg’s ancestor said  burning coal would boil earth and extinct the human race.

23 Oct 1902, Page 1 – The News-Herald at

Steven Hawking picked up on that idea four years ago.

Stephen Hawking: Earth Could Turn Into Hothouse Planet Like Venus | Live Science

However, this idea was shown to be incorrect by another Swede – Knut Angstrom – 120 years ago. He pointed out some very fundamental errors in Arrhenius’ thinking.

“a layer so thick as to be equivalent to that contained in the earth’s atmosphere will absorb about 16% of the earth’s radiation, and that this absorption will vary very little with any changes in the proportion of carbon dioxide gas in the air”

“The remainder of Angstrom’s paper is devoted to a destructive criticism of the theories put forth by the Swedish chemist, S. Arrhenius, in which the total absorption of CO, is quite inadmissibly inferred from data which include the combined absorption of CO, and the vapor of water. On these incorrect premises Arrhenius has founded an hypothesis as to the cause of the Ice Age, attributing it to variation in the mount of atmospheric CO,. The geologists who have adopted Arrhenius’s views should recall that his hypothesis evidently fails in the light of present knowledge of the absorptive powers of carbon dioxide.”

– Knut Angstrom 1901

Wayback Machine

And 120 years later, the UN climate spokesperson’s father is named after his relative Svante Arrhenius.

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