Are hunters finally winning the PR battle?

Are hunters finally winning the PR battle?

“No matter your personality or background, an innate desire to learn more about why you are the way you are exists within most of us. It’s introspection, a desire to dig deep within yourself and your past to determine what makes you tick the way that you do. Stories about generations of outdoorsman have seated into your conscious, evoking thoughts of your own hunting adventures. Each story stirs a distinctive scent deep in your lungs. It pervades your being. It makes you smile. These questions of self and belonging are not unique to any one of us. These stories answer the question of where you belong, to whom you belong.” – Blood Origins

In Episode 158 of District of Conservation, Gabriella is rejoined by past guest of the podcast, Robbie Kroger. Robbie is behind the upstart project-turned-nonprofit Blood Origins. Check out their Supporter Program and their new Wyoming Hunters for the Hungry campaign.

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Credit: Zoom/Gabriella

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March 24, 2021 at 03:36PM

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