Global Warming To Cause More Floods

After telling us for decades that global warming was going to dry up our rivers, experts say that global warming is going to put too much water in our rivers.

One degree of global warming causes a 50% increase in population displacement risk

Last week, the Guardian announced the worst drought in 2,000 years.

Climate crisis: recent European droughts ‘worst in 2,000 years’ | Climate change | The Guardian

This week in 1913 brought some of the worst flooding and tornadoes on record.


Easter Sunday brought tornadoes from coast to coast.

23 Mar 1913, Page 9 – The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times at

25 Mar 1913, 6 – The Los Angeles Times at

The true story of our national calamity of flood, fire and tornado … – Logan Marshall – Google Books

The worst flooding in Ohio history also occurred in 1913.

09 Dec 1913, 3 – The Los Angeles Times at

28 Mar 1913, 6 – The Baltimore Sun at

27 Mar 1913, Page 1 – The Washington Post at

27 Mar 1913, Page 1 – Harrisburg Telegraph at

24 Mar 1913, 1 – Evening Times-Republican at

25 Mar 1913, Page 5 – Reading Times at

The world’s record temperature of 134F was set in California on July 10, 1913.


From August 1 to September 7, 1913 Nebraska was over 100 degrees every day but one.

This picture was taken near where I bought my first house – in Richmond, Texas. The flood crest was 56 feet on December 11, 1913.

And this week in 1936, about one fourth of the US was flooded.

24 Mar 1936 – UNITED STATES FLOODS – Trove


via Real Climate Science

March 24, 2021 at 03:46PM

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