Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye these past few weeks.

A new study finds a large, previously unknown contribution to climate change through human conversion of peatlands for agriculture [link]

Accelerating deployment of offshore wind energy alters wind climate and reduces future power generation [link]

Reducing uncertainty in contrail radiative forcing resulting from uncertainty in ice crystal properties [link]

A million years of paleo data indicates Asian Monsoon variability could become more extreme [link]

Reducing uncertainty in contrail radiative forcing resulting from uncertainty in ice crystal properties [link]

New satellite data analysis shows that evapotranspiration has increased 10% 2003-2019 [link]

The burden of heat related mortality attributable to climate change [link]

Towards real time verification of CO2 emissions [link]

Will desertification overtake Las Vegas’ half million year history of wetlands? [link]

How Anthropogenic drought plays out [link]

It’s been more than 10 years since the last US EF5 tornado, what does that mean? [link]

As more CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere, more of it remains in the atmosphere, and this effect is opposite and approximately equal to the radiative saturation, resulting in little background sensitivity to integrated radiative forcing from an emission. [link]

Koutsoyiannis: Rethinking climate, climate change and their relationship with water [link]

Pathways and pitfalls in extreme event attribution [link]

Megadroughts and pluvials in southwest australia: 1350-2017 CE [link]

Contrails: tweaking flight altitude could significantly reduce impacts [link]

The anatomy of abrupt warmings recorded in greenland ice [link]

Uncovering patterns in California’s blazing wildfires [link]

Data driven reconstruction reveals large-scale ocean circulation control on coastal sea level [link]

A well balanced ecosystem uses water most efficiently [link]

Observational constraints on low cloud feedback reduce climate sensitivity uncertainty [link]

Landmark study casts doubt on theory linking extreme winter weather to melting arctic ice [link]

Emergent constraints on regional cloud feedback [link]

How unprecedented was the February 2021 Texas cold snap? https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/ac0278…

Technology and policy

Schellenberger: Why Biden’s climate agenda is falling apart [link]

The dangerous campaign behind climate emergency declarations [link]

Why shaking up big oil could by a pyrrhic victory [link]

Democracy and the nuclear stalemate [link]

Nature based solutions can help cool the planet [link]

The ‘Green Energy’ That Might Be Ruining the Planet https://politi.co/3riJQ5y

Getting the message right on nature-based solutions to climate change [link]

Optimal real estate capital durability and localized climate change disaster risk [link]

Limits to climate action: narratives of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage [link]

As electric vehicles take off, we’ll need to recycle their batteries [link]

Why we must scrutinize the magical thinking behind geoengineering [link]

Rerouting the MIssissippi River could build new land and save a retreating coast [link]

The IEA’s roadmap to net-zero is full of dead ends [link]

The impact of climate change skepticism on adaptation in a market economy [link]

Hoover Dam faces a new test with an epic water shortage [link]

Is this concrete’s breakthrough moment? Turning concrete from part of the problem to part of the solution [link]

Texas winter storm and power outages killed hundreds more people that the official tally [link]

China dominates 2020 coal plant development [link]

NERC sees potential summer energy shortfalls, says energy transition ‘pace’ may threaten reliability [link]

Strategies to keep more nitrogen in the soil as ammonium [link]

The new climate math: energy addition, subtraction and transition [link]

China’s CO2 has grown at its fastest pace in more than a decade [link]

Are small modular nuclear reactors the solution to climate change? [link]

About science and scientists

Performative pandemic panic [link]

The media’s lab lea debacle shows why banning ‘misinformation’ is a terrible idea [link]

Morally motivated networked harassment as normative reinforcement [link]

Why Americans don’t feel free to speak their minds [link]

Think Again: The power of knowing what you don’t know [link]

The free speech crisis runs deeper than you think [link]

On Covid-19 origins, elites followed politics not science [link]

Roger Pielke Jr: Please shut up. Your expert views are inconvenient for my politics, can you please be quiet? [link]

Fact checking takes another beating [link]

What to do when your mind always dwells on the worst case scenario [link]

Mike Hulme: 3 do’s and dont’s for communicating climate change [link]

Science has become a cartel [link]

Misinformation in and about science [link]

A culture of free speech protects everyone [link]

Chien-Shung Wu, the first lady of physics [link]

Trust in science is not the reason science-based policy recommendations are ignored [link]

How science has been corrupted [link]

via Climate Etc.


June 6, 2021 at 01:21PM

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