Express Readers Rebel Against Its Green Agenda


AUGUST 20, 2021

By Paul Homewood

One of the strangest phenomena this year has been the sight of the Daily Express embracing far left climate policies, courtesy of their ex-Mirror, Remoaner, left wing editor Gary Jones.

The Express is famous for its Putinesque opinion polls, but has never put its ludicrous Green Britain agenda to such a vote. Now however their readers have stuck two fingers up:


Forking out for the future?

You recently took part in our Green Britain survey. More than 4,000 votes were cast and the results are now in.

A staggering 83% of respondents say they wouldn’t be happy to invest £10,000 into greener energy over the next 20 years, in order to give their grandchildren a better chance at climate survival.

It’s worth noting that some voters may not be able to afford to invest such a hefty sum.

When it came to personal choices, 73% of voters said they won’t buy an electric car instead of a petrol or diesel car, even after considering on average that they sell at the same price. 16% said they would purchase an electric car, while 2% of those who voted already own one.

A whopping 72% refused to cute down on their meat consumption per meat – while 20% of respondents said they will down by at least 25%. 7% of those who voted already have meat-free diets. Here, scientists say cutting out meat won’t solve climate change.

When it came to clothing, 69% of readers said they do not purchase anyt fast fashion – while a fair 13% said they will reduce the amount they buy.

I don’t understand why they needed a poll to tell them that.

Like this:

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via Watts Up With That?

August 21, 2021 at 08:18AM

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