Adjusting To Warm, NASA Data Alterations Change Cooling To Warming In Ireland, Greece

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

Today we look at the NASA temperature data from Ireland going back to 1988 and compare the GHCN Version unadjusted to the plots of the GHCN Version 4 adjusted and homogenized.

Here’s how they compare:


Greece is another example

What follows next are side-by-side plots of two stations: V4 unadjusted and V4 adjusted-homogenized:


The two GHCN V4 unadjusted mean annual temperature data plots of the respective stations clearly show a cooling trend.

But then NASA altered the data for the two Greek stations and named the two new data sets “V4 adjusted-homogenized”.

Once again the adjustments produce warming. Every time the alterations lead to warming.

Crisis fabrication

Recently one young British chap said it seems to be all about creating states of emergency in order to skirt the rules of law (click on video):

A state of emergency lets a government skirt the law. So if you want to skirt the law, then just create a state of emergency. With the climate emergency, this is easily done simply by rewriting the data.

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August 24, 2021 at 01:30PM

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