Isn’t it odd that the leaders of India and China seem to be so unworried about the so-called climate emergency that Western leaders keep telling us about. While it is true that these countries need to fully develop their electricity supplies it is apparent that they choose to do so mainly by using considerable numbers of coal-fired power stations instead of using wind turbines and solar panels.

They must know that their actions are driving the increase in atmospheric levels of CO2, yet they don’t seem to care. Not only that but the Western nations are not putting any pressure on them to stop. If they really believed there was a climate emergency we would expect to see UN trade sanctions threatened on China and others with increased emissions of CO2. The reason we don’t see this is clear evidence that, despite the rhetoric, there is no real belief in a climate emergency. It is merely bluster.

via climate science


September 18, 2021 at 01:49AM

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