Scotland’s electricity export ‘success’ subsidised by its own customers – England & Wales

Artist’s impression [credit: ScottishPower Renewables]

Wind power sent from Scotland to the rest of the UK mainland receives heavy financial backing from all UK power consumers in the form of subsidies and constraint payments charged against bills. Such subsidies would presumably stop if Scotland left the UK.
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Scottish exports rose in 2019 by more than £3.5bn, buoyed by trade with the rest of the UK, new figures show.

Statistics published by the Scottish Government show exports of £35.1bn outside the UK, an increase of £1.1bn (3.4%) during that year, says

Trade with the rest of the UK totalled £52bn, an increase of £2.5bn (5%).

The increase to the rest of Britain was driven by a boost in electricity exports of around 33.6% (£1.8bn), while the services sector accounted for a £725m jump, the agricultural sector exported £1.1bn – an increase of £230m – while manufacturing exports dropped by £350m.

The rest of the UK accounted for 60% of the total exports of Scotland.

Full article here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop

October 24, 2021 at 08:57AM

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