People (Ordinary, that is) need to change their diet and flying habits to help planet, chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance warns

By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness



We have really had a succession of dweebs as Chief Scientific Advisors, going back to the ridiculous David King in Tony Blair’s day.

Patrick Vallance continues that proud tradition:



People will need to eat less meat and change their flying habits in order to tackle the climate crisis, the UK’s chief scientific adviser has warned.

Speaking ahead of the COP26 climate talks, Sir Patrick Vallance said behaviour changes will be required as well as new green technology to help the planet.

He joined senior scientific advisers from around the world to issue a statement ahead of the global summit, calling on leaders to take urgent action to limit warming to 1.5C.

In other words, it’s all your fault!


But calls like these, common amongst our betters such as Joanna Lumley last week, are no more than posturing because they will have virtually no effect on emissions.

Take eating meat, for instance. Methane emissions from agriculture only make up 5% of UK total emissions of greenhouse gases. Eating a bit less meat will barely make a dent in this, particularly given that most of this methane comes from dairy cows.

Furthermore whatever we replace meat with will also have a carbon footprint, especially if it is imported, as many vegan foods are.

Then there’s flying. International aviation accounts for about 6% of UK emissions, and a large part of this will be for long range flights, which will continue regardless for business and freight purposes.

Most ordinary people, I would guess, only travel abroad once a year at most. Indeed this is confirmed by Home Office figures, which show there were 58 million arrivals in 2019 by UK nationals. This is about half of the total.

So what Vallance is really saying is we must stop flying completely.

And again the effect on emissions will be minimal, as tens of millions will still be flying into the country. If British carriers go bankrupt as a result of fewer British holidayers, foreign airlines will simply take up the slack.

We have of course seen the devastating impact on the airline industry of COVID. If Vallance gets his way, last year will look like a picnic. Is that what he really wants to see?


It sounds like the Nudge Unit at work here. Make people think they are responsible for global warming, so that they become more malleable in future when the bill arrives through their letter box.

Instead of playing these silly little games, should not the Chief Scientific Advisor be warning the government about the impracticability of its climate agenda, and the very real risk posed by it to the country’s energy system?


October 29, 2021 at 05:09AM

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