Prince Charles urges radical rethink of our cities to combat climate change

By Paul Homewood


So it was never really about the climate then?



PRINCE Charles today lays out his radical vision of how we can live better lives and combat climate change.

In exclusive comments to the Daily Express, the Prince said: “Sustainable urban development is clearly critical in responding to the climate emergency.

“We all know it’s so utterly and vitally important for the future of our planet and of course central, indeed absolutely fundamental I would have said, to any prospect of actually achieving the crucial COP26 targets.”

The Prince intends to lobby world leaders and the mayors of major cities with his ideas at the G20 summit in Rome this weekend and then at COP26 in Glasgow next week.

Charles wants to revamp urban areas and encourage lifestyle changes to cut carbon pollution causing global warming.

He will argue that fixing cities, which already account for 70 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and are forecast to double their populations by 2050, is key to cutting greenhouse gases.

This could restrict climate change to a just manageable 1.5C rise in average global temperatures.Charles, 72, and his urban design advisers at his charity, The Prince’s Foundation, want to see an end to the long daily commute, with work places a short walk or five or 10-minute journey from home.


What right does Charles have to tell us how we should live our lives?

But at least he has let the cat out of the bag. This has nothing to do with climate change, it never did. After all, even lockdown last year only reduced UK emissions of carbon dioxide by 16%. His proposals won’t make the slightest difference to the world’s climate, never mind restricting warming to 1.5C which he ludicrously claims.

No, what he really wants is to change our lifestyles, to live more “sustainably”, just for the sake of it.

Take a closer look at what he is asking for.

Work places are not suddenly going to relocate to where we live. Hospitals, factories and businesses are not going to break into small units and reappear around every street corner.

No, what he wants is for us to move out of our comfortable suburbs and live once more in crowded cities. Quite where he expects all these new dwellings to be built is a mystery.

In Charles’ ideal world, private car ownership will be a thing of the past for the little people, and we will have to make do with public transport, cycling and walking. None of this will, of course, apply to Charles who will continue living in multiple mansions, drive around in limousines and fly in private jets.

He thinks we will all be much happier if we do as he tells us. Does he think we are a load of docile rabbits, happy with a hutch and an odd carrot or two?

We have had plenty of hints about this new Build Back Better agenda. Only the other day, Joanna Lumley called for rationing to save the planet. And the global elite have long made clear their intention to revamp society.

The alarming thing is that, sadly, the Queen will not be around much longer. Will Charles continue to interfere in matters that don’t concern him when he is King?


October 31, 2021 at 05:21AM

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