China Still Burning More & More Coal

By Paul Homewood



While western leaders are in a state of hysteria over global warming, China just keeps on burning more and more coal:


Latest data for Q3 shows that thermal power generation (nearly all coal) has increased by 6.7% pa since 2019, based on January to September figures:


Thermal power so far this year is up 11% on last year. Total generation since 2019 has risen by 7.1%, and thermal has accounted for two thirds of that.

Wind and solar are up 17.5% and 9.3% over the two year period, but these are increases from what were already tiny figures. Even now, they still only supply 9% of China’s electricity.

Moreover, increasing renewable capacity cannot keep up with rising demand. In the last two years, they have only met 20% of the extra power needed.

If that was not bad enough, new capacity additions for wind and solar this year show no sign of taking off. Indeed, it would appear that new solar power coming online this year will be less than any year since 2015.

We keep being told that solar power is now much cheaper than coal power, but obviously China does not think so.




President Xi may make all sorts of promises about peaking emissions, reducing carbon intensity and carbon neutrality in 2060. The harsh reality, however, is that without fossil fuels, China would now be back in the Dark Ages.

If Xi does not appreciate this, there are many on his Politburo who do and they will quickly send him off to the re-education camps if he stands in their way.


November 2, 2021 at 02:33PM

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