China Mocks Joe Biden’s Powerlessness at COP26

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

China is laughing at America “kneeling” before Xi Jinping at COP26: “There will be more apologies from US politicians, and there will be more kneeling down”, according to the CCP backed Global Times.

China mocks ‘powerless’ Biden over climate summit ‘apology’

China has mocked US President Joe Biden after he used his speech at the climate summit to apologise for America’s inaction.

November 5, 2021 – 11:49AM

China has taken Joe Biden’s comments in Glasgow climate summit as a chance to mock the US President as “powerless”, despite the absence of President Xi Jinping from the conference. 

I guess I shouldn’t apologise, but I do apologise for the fact that the United States under the last administration pulled out of the Paris agreement. That kind of put us behind the eight ball a bit,” Mr Biden said.

Beijing-backed news outlet the Global Times published a piece the following day that ridiculed Mr Biden’s “noble” apology. 

The report highlighted the discord between American voters, noting some comments online from “netizens” who “cannot wait until 2024 when the Republican Party, or even Donald Trump himself, apologises for Biden’s apology”.

The US and others have urged Beijing to make bigger commitments, but Xi’s administration has strongly implied those will only come in exchange for political concessions. 

Mr Trump himself had seized on Mr Biden’s comment, claiming that world leaders were “laughing” at Mr Biden. 

“We have never been thought of so poorly as we are right now, including the fact that the leaders of foreign countries, all of whom are at the top of their game, are laughing at Biden as he makes the rounds in Europe,” Mr Trump said.

“So low and so bad for America. There has never been a time like it,”

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From the Global Times, mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party;

Biden’s apology in Glasgow shows hypocrisy, powerlessness of US politicians

By Ai Jun Published: Nov 02, 2021 08:53 PM

US President Joe Biden apologized at the start of the COP26 UN climate summit. On Monday, when Biden made the remarks during a meeting on “action and solidarity” in Glasgow, he said, “I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I do apologize for the fact the US, under the last administration, pulled out of the Paris accord.” What a “noble” apology, which made Biden seem like he cares about climate change, but also how hypocritical and powerless he is. 

Unlike what Biden may have expected, the apology triggered ridicule. Quite a few netizens, including those from the US, claimed they cannot wait until 2024 when the Republican Party, or even Donald Trump himself, apologizes for Biden’s apology. Most people believe this was hardly an apology, but a slap in the face of his predecessor, a move to pin all the blame on Trump. This is not about how sorry Biden is. He was making a show and bringing US political infighting to the global arena. 

Climate change is one of the most highly polarizing issues in the US. Leading Republicans, most notably Trump, have mocked the issue as a hoax and are reluctant to take it seriously. In March, 12 Republican-led states sued Biden for his executive orders on climate change. 

So if there is anything that Biden did bring to Europe, it must be a massive 85-car and gas-guzzling motorcade. Other than that, Biden can only make empty promises at COP26. His apology does not make any sense, as he has no plan to fulfill his promises and no guarantee to make sure that his commitment won’t be toppled by the next administration. Worse, he cannot even win enough support from his own party to get a green light for his plan. Also on Monday, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, said he would not endorse a $1.75 trillion framework on social spending and climate change unveiled by Biden last week. For Biden, who is in Europe and waiting for something to deliver to the world, this is heavy blow. 

Is there a worst president of the US? Perhaps there is no “worst” but only “worse.” American voters always have high expectations during elections but will soon become frustrated. Can a US president turn the tide? It is worrying. But one thing is certain – political infighting will continue, which is exhausting US strength in dealing with domestic and global issues.

There will be more apologies from US politicians, and there will be more kneeling down, Xu said. 

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The Global Times article also attacked President Trump. But China’s mockery of Biden is a geopolitical assertion of authority which the entire world is watching. Biden’s absurd climate apology and helplessness in the face of brazen Chinese aggression risks making America a global laughing stock.

The mockery started with Xi Jinping personally snubbing the COP26 event, then continued when Xi’s representatives snubbed Biden’s climate proposals, demanding a huge payoff to even consider the proposals. Now they are laughing at Biden’s climate apology, calling Biden powerless, mocking the USA as “kneeling down” before China.

The most shocking part of this affair, Biden obviously went into the COP26 conference completely unprepared for Chinese aggression. There are plenty of diplomatic levers Biden could have used to push back against China, ranging from a mild ratcheting up of sanctions, right up to the ultimate comeback, dropping a hint the USA is considering granting full diplomatic recognition to Taiwan. But pushing back would likely cause an immediate Chinese COP26 walkout. Biden is so desperate for a climate deal, China is laughing in Biden and America’s face on the world stage, and everyone is watching China get away with it.


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November 5, 2021 at 01:06PM

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