Aussie Eco-Warrior Fury over Wind Farm Wilderness Devastation

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Green supporters of renewable energy are horrified at the devastation construction has wrought on pristine Cairns wilderness.

The wind farms angering renewable energy fans

In the ranges behind Cairns, bushland is being cleared in the name of climate action. It’s pitting eco warriors against green energy projects.

Investigation by Mayeta Clark

On the day the Mount Emerald wind farm was officially declared open, Steve Nowakowski felt a heady optimism.

It was winter 2019, the sky was clear and a slight breeze ruffled Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s hair as she spruiked Queensland’s clean, green energy future.

Steve, a renowned wilderness photographer and veteran environmental campaigner, listened in fierce agreement.

“We know we need a very quick transition to renewables and this was a part of a solution,” he says.

So after the opening ceremony, he walked to the top of Mt Emerald to get aerial shots of the site.

Steve had bushwalked through Mt Emerald’s native scrub years earlier and knew the landscape well.

He had no idea at the time that Mt Emerald would become just one of many wind and solar projects proposed, or already under construction, in this part of Queensland, some on significant tracts of unspoilt wilderness.

“It’s really out of control,” Steve says. “And no one knows about it.”

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I mean, a late awakening Steve, but welcome to the party.

I know we don’t agree on climate change, but the utter devastation of wilderness areas is a significant part of the reason WUWT supporters are opposed to renewable energy. Renewable energy is diffuse, so vast acreages of devastated landscape are required to produce even a fraction of the renewable energy our society would need to transition to Net Zero. And its set to get worse. The materials needs of renewable facilities are so gargantuan, mining and processing would have to be expanded by at least 50% to hit Net Zero by 2050. And that’s not even including backup battery manufacture.

Steve, Michael Moore even made a documentary about the green energy horror show. He set out to expose Big Oil, but what he found was very different to what he expected. I guess you didn’t see his documentary, before you gave your backing to the wind projects.

There is a zero carbon alternative to widespread destruction of the wilderness – nuclear power. Instead of 10s of square miles of wilderness devastation to power a city, an equivalent nuclear plant takes a few acres of land. Maybe its time you and your green friends took a closer look at the possibilities.

via Watts Up With That?

December 12, 2021 at 12:45AM

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