EU climate chief talks up hypothetical ‘green’ hydrogen


Good luck with the costs and the leakage losses from shipping. Only last month the same source reported a study saying Germany’s global hydrogen plans could accelerate climate change. The study said ‘In the worst-case scenario, hydrogen could even prove 16 times more harmful than the widespread greenhouse gas.’ The EU obviously isn’t bothered by that study, or one by the British government warning of 13% leakage losses from tanker transport of hydrogen. ‘The 75-page report, Atmospheric Implications of Increased Hydrogen Use, explains that H2 is an indirect greenhouse gas, which reacts with other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to increase their global warming potential (GWP)’. What real world problem do they think they’re trying to solve? Looks like yet another trip to cloud cuckoo land.
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Hydrogen will be essential for Europe’s future economy, particularly to store and transport green energy, EU climate chief Frans Timmermans told the European Parliament on Thursday (28 April) — Euractiv reporting.

“I strongly believe in green hydrogen as the driving force of our energy system of the future,” said Timmermans in a meeting with the environment committee.

“Hydrogen is going to be a pivotal element in our economy of the future,” he added in a discussion that covered the impact of the war in Ukraine, the state of play with Europe’s new climate legislation and food security.

Strategic alliances

The meeting came in the wake of Russia cutting off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria and as the EU tries to break away from using Russian fossil fuels.

In the interim, this means Europe will need more liquified natural gas (LNG) and pipeline gas from other partners, said Timmermans. This should come from as many different supplier countries as possible so the EU does not become overly dependent on one, he added.

One problem with this, however, is that many suppliers are looking for long term contracts for fossil gas, but see that Europe’s demand will likely decrease as it decarbonises and looks to renewables.

So the European Commission is offering long term partnerships that would start with a supply of LNG and “end up in the hydrogen economy”, according to Timmermans.

“Is this a lock-in into LNG? Not if we offer long term cooperation projects moving towards hydrogen,” he explained.

Timmermans envisions a hydrogen economy around the Mediterranean, where every country is dependent on the others and each has “a stake in this production, distribution, utilisation of green hydrogen”.

“This is the future,” said Timmermans. “This is how you also create more stability in the geopolitical system. This is how you offer an enormous opportunity for the development of Africa.”
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Europe is “never going to be capable to produce its own hydrogen in sufficient quantities,” said Timmermans.

Full report here.

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May 7, 2022 at 12:09PM

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