Yahoo: “Biden’s on the verge of losing on climate change”

Essay by Eric Worrall

If only President Biden was a dictator? According to Yahoo, the USA’s “chokepoint filled federal system” is threatening to derail Biden’s radical climate change agenda.

Biden’s on the verge of losing on climate change

Ben Adler
Senior Editor
Sat, 11 June 2022, 5:30 am

Despite assuming office with what activists describe as the most ambitious climate change agenda in history, Biden has experienced a series of setbacks that threaten to leave him with little progress on the issue, showing just how hard contending with climate change can be in a chokepoint-filled federal system, such as that of the United States.

The president is facing backsliding on almost every front in his fight against climate change: His clean energy proposals are stuck in the Senate, surging oil and gas prices have even Democratic state governments cutting gasoline taxes, and the need to wean America’s European allies off Russian fossil fuels has led the administration to propose boosting gas exports. Also, a bill passed by the House of Representatives could get in the way of offshore wind energy expansion.

Meanwhile, the president’s broad power to regulate under existing laws is being constricted: One federal court ruling forced him to sell new fossil fuel leases on federal lands and waters; and the Supreme Court is on the verge of limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to regulate carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas causing global warming.

Climate policy wonks are hopeful that Congress will pass climate legislation before Republicans likely gain control of the body in the midterm elections, but they admit that failure would be devastating.

Give Sen. Manchin credit for trying the bipartisan route, which is always his preference, and we’re going to hold hope that in the face of those talks petering out, that the place to go is back to the framework that’s centered on a big old package of climate and justice,” Pierce added. “I can’t imagine that Democrats are gonna go into the fall without having passed a package of significant investments on climate.”

If a climate bill doesn’t pass the Senate this year, Pierce said it would constitute “a monster failure.”

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The one thing which is missing from this big green lament is an effort to meaningfully respond to people’s objections – not one ounce of compassion for all the people their climate push is hurting.

Why are “Democratic state governments cutting gasoline taxes”? The reason is people can’t afford gasoline. Greens would love people to switch to electric vehicles, but most people can’t afford electric vehicles either. Even if people could afford EVs, EVs have serious limitations, like a massive drop in range in cold or hot weather, when power is diverted to heating or cooling. And you better leave your EV on charge if you park it in the frost.

Yet instead of pausing to reflect, to ask whether there is anything which can be done to alleviate these problems, greens treat objections as obstructions, and pin their hopes to ramming through their agenda before ordinary people have an opportunity to express their policy direction preferences at the midterms.

Even mild alleviation efforts, such as some less committed “Democratic state governments cutting gasoline taxes”, are seen as backsliding.

The sad part is there are ways greens could meet us halfway, and make real progress towards their goal of reducing CO2 emissions. If greens ditched their insistence on useless renewables, left gasoline vehicles alone for now, and focussed on replacing coal and gas with zero carbon nuclear power, like France did in the 1970s, I would write positive stories about how reasonable greens were being lately, and the massive CO2 emissions reductions they had achieved without messing up anyone’s life. But I think an outbreak of green sanity like that is as unlikely as me witnessing a flock of flying pigs pass my window.

The inability of deep greens to compromise even slightly is their undoing. The total inability of greens to empathise with and try to help the people they hurt is their downfall. That is the real reason “Biden’s on the verge of losing on climate change”.


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via Watts Up With That?

June 11, 2022 at 08:54PM

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