Guardian: Sky News Australia is a global hub for climate misinformation

Essay by Eric Worrall

Sky News Australia has allowed “junk science, climate delayism and attacks on high-profile individuals working on the climate crisis to become mainstreamed”, according to The Institute for Strategic Dialog.

Sky News Australia is a global hub for climate misinformation, report says

Murdoch-owned channel creates and distributes content promoting climate scepticism across the world, analysis finds

Graham Readfearn
@readfearnTue 14 Jun 2022 03.30 AEST

Australia’s Sky News channel has become a central source for climate science misinformation around the world, gaining high traction among conservative social media influencers and networks, according to a report.

An analysis of a global network of climate science deniers and “delayers” and the content they shared found the News Corp Australia-owned channel was a key “content hub” for “influencers, sceptics and outlets”.

The analysis, published by UK thinktank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, said the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sky News Australia consistently ranked highly for traction, pushing the partisan views of its hosts and guests to a global audience through social media networks.

Sky News Australia said it rejected the findings of the report, saying it would “continue to encourage debate” on climate change in its programs.

The report said: “Our analysis has shown how a small but dedicated community of actors boast disproportionate reach and engagement across social media, reaching millions of people worldwide and bolstered by legacy print, broadcast and radio outlets.”

A failure to stem “mis- and disinformation online” had allowed junk science, climate delayism and attacks on high-profile individuals working on the climate crisis to become mainstreamed,” the report said.

It said Sky News Australia and contributors from News Corp’s stable of newspaper columnists had formed a “system of content production and distribution” that promoted “scepticism of climate science and fear or confusion around mitigation efforts”.

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We obviously have to shield the public from harmful speech to ensure only approved green viewpoints are propagated, right? /sarc

The policy chair of The Institute for Strategic Dialog is Lord Adair Turner. According to Wikipedia, Turner served in high level UK Government positions such as his term as head of the UK Financial Services Authority, and has links to George Soros through Soros’ Institute for New Economic Thinking. Turner also in my opinion appears to be a radical population growth control advocate.

Yesterday Sky’s Andrew Bolt had a great time ripping “the total idiocy” of our Australian political class, over their mismanagement of Australia’s faltering electricity grid and other issues. Andrew’s popular Bolt Report regularly holds politicians and other figures to account. Watching the Bolt Report, for me at least, is a similar experience to watching the USA’s Tucker Carlson.

So it seems obvious why silencing Sky is a priority for any greens who want to deflect public blame for the consequences of the economically ruinous green energy policies they promote.


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June 15, 2022 at 12:39AM

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