LIVE at Noon CT today: We’re having a heat wave! … and it’s totally normal

We’re having a heat wave!
… and it’s totally normal

Climate Change Roundtable Ep19:

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The Heartland Institute’s James Taylor, Anthony Watts, and Linnea Lueken cover the heat wave that gripped much of the United States this week. Are the world’s hottest cities really becoming uninhabitable because of man-caused climate change? The answer is “no,” and the climate and energy experts at Heartland will explain why.

We will also cover “climate anxiety” among our misinformed youth, William Shatner crying about the planet he viewed from space, Joe Biden’s schizophrenic energy policy and messaging, and whether humans are to blame for the Great Salt Lake getting lower.

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Show notes for today’s broadcast

1. We’re Having a Heat Wave! … and it’s totally normal.

Heartland Daily News: World’s hottest cities becoming uninhabitable because of climate change?
Yahoo News: ‘It’s not tolerable anymore’: Southwest residents endure more severe heat waves thanks to climate chang

AP: Fires, heat waves cause ‘climate anxiety’ in youth

Harvard: If climate change keeps you up at night, here’s how to cope

2. Biden grovels to Saudi oil barons, threatens American oil producers and shuts down drilling

Biden threatens oil companies with ’emergency powers’ if they don’t boost supply amid inflation spike

Biden Administration Cancels Lease Sales in Alaska and The Gulf

3. Speaking of Heat Waves: Great Salt Lake is shrinking due to climate change?

NYTimes: As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’

Is global warming evaporating the Great Salt Lake?

via Watts Up With That?

June 17, 2022 at 11:52AM

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