A Very Serious Consequence Of Climate Change–Sadiq Khan

By Paul Homewood


It seems that Sadiq Khan has been sending this extremely irresponsible and misleading warning out to his citizens – (my bold):




There is no evidence whatsoever that the heatwave is a “consequence” of climate change. It is a weather event, one which is the direct result of an extremely rare set of meteorological conditions.

The clue to this lies in the weather models run a few days ago, which showed an extremely unlikely chance of temperatures reaching 40C. Weather models are run over and over again thousands of times, in order to provide a range of outcomes varying around very small changes to assumptions. In other words, the meteorological set up we are now likely facing was considered as an extreme outlier just a few days ago.

Even accepting that average summer temperatures in the UK have increased by a half a degree or so since the 1940s, the upcoming heatwave would still have occurred a century ago, albeit with temperatures a half a degree lower. In those days, of course, Londoners were much less prepared to deal with hot weather.

To label it as “potentially dangerous” is also irresponsible scaremongering, given that millions of Brits fly out to Spain and other countries, where temperatures are regularly much higher.

Of course, people need to take sensible precautions, but they don’t need the Mayor lecturing them.

While Khan is playing political games with climate change, I would ask whether he ever puts out red warnings every winter when it gets cold. Surely he knows that many more people die in the cold of winter?

And that death tolls in summer are always the lowest of any season, heatwaves or not.

Surely he would welcome a slightly warmer climate?





The Met Office has issued its first ever Red Warning, which spans most of central England:




Forecasts for towns such as Manchester and Leeds, which are encompassed by the warning indicate temperatures might reach about 36C.

Yet temperatures of 36C are certainly not unprecedented in the South East, but were never accompanied by Red Warnings?

Are the Met Office playing politics too?



July 16, 2022 at 04:51AM

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