Week in review – climate edition

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye these past weeks.

Important paper:  Coupled stratosphere-troposphere-Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and its importance for near future climate projections [link]

Stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet during the pre-industrial Holocene [link]

Do we need a new theory of evolution? [link]

can pumping nutrient-rich water from the deep ocean to the surface drawdown CO2? [link]

Tropical cyclones now ‘13% less frequent’ due to climate change [link]

Regimes and transitions in the basal melting of Antarctic ice shelves [link]

Impact of riverine fresh water on Indian Summer Monsoon [link]

New battery to enable 1000 km range and fast charge [link]

Technology & policy

How treating climate change as a security issue backfired [link]

Biggest cryptominers in the U.S. use as much power as Houston [Ilink]

The two degree temperature target is arbitrary and untethered [link]

Dutch farmers protest EU’s militant green regulations [link]

Europe and and UK pour 17,000 tons of cooling oil into vehicles each day [link]

The politics of austerity is back.  So is the resistance [link]

Whole county rooftop solar in China [link]

A shock-proof energy economy [link]

Preparing for extreme weather is a community concern.  Here’s how to be ready [link]

Green dogma behind fall of Sri Lanka [link]

Emerging small nuclear reactors may significantly contribute to grid decarbonization by 2050 [link]

Land footprint of low carbon energy system varies massively depending on mix of clean energy sources. [link]

Energy enters a perilous era of supply chain risks [link]

Europe’s battle over “green” natural gas and nuclear [link]

Revising Germany’s “clean” energy transition [link]

Solar plus storage for islands [link]

EU’s proposed bioenergy policies risk additional deforestation [link]

Blanket bans on fossil fuels hurt women and lower-income countries [link]

Sand battery could solve green energy’s big storage problem [link]

Vaclav Smil:  Time to get real on climate change [link]

Green energy minerals: Key role in the race for climate action [link]

MIracle fuel hydrogen can actually make climate change worse [link]

Climate pledges abandoned as Putin sparks global coal crunch [link]

@NuScale_Power has announced it is making a strategic shift from product development to product delivery as commercialisation of its VOYGR small modular reactor power plants approaches #nuclear https://tinyurl.com/4ea8ttez

COP26:  No countries have delivered on promise to improve emission reduction plans [link]

About science & scientists

Misinformation is here to stay (and that’s ok) [link]

Professors are leaving academe during the Great Resignation [link]

The courage to dissent . . . from the left [link]

The importance of stupidity in scientific research [link]

via Climate Etc.


July 16, 2022 at 12:01PM

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