Germany 2022 Summer ‘Heat Wave’? So Far July Has Been Cooler Than Long Term Mean

The media and climate activists have been shouting about the hot weather in Europe – as if it has reached historic dimensions. They’ve been using wild fantasy 10-day model projections to intensify the sense of alarm. The whole act of course is to try to get people to think we’re in crisis and, like with COVID-19, to get a permanent state of emergency and lockdowns enacted.

How hot has the summer been in Germany so far this year?

We know June came in 2°C warmer than normal – warm, but nothing unusual. Certainly, with all the media hype we’ve been hearing, July must have been a real scorcher so far. But, as it’s sadly been the case for quite some time now, there’s a huge difference between reality and what the fake media report. Fact: July has been running cooler than normal in Germany so far (up to July 18).

Yesterday at Facebook, Marcel Olberfeld posted the temperature anomaly data so far for July-2022 for a variety of stations across Germany.


Note how the chart shows lots of cool anomalies.

Olberfeld commented:

For weeks we’ve been bombarded by the media about the mega heatwave that is to come. For days, 40 degrees plus were displayed in the apps, and then it was only between 28 and 30….
Firstly, even in our region, which is one of the warmest in Germany, a maximum of well over 30 degrees is forecast, but then it drops again, according to the weather app.
How it will turn out? We will see.
July 2022 is, as of 18 July, clearly below average. At times over 1 degree below the 30-year mean.
The 3 days of heat won’t change that much. Let’s see.”

The three days of hot weather (too short to even qualify as a heat wave) will of course push July temperatures to about normal.

Struggling with cold

In fact last week parts of central Europe saw surface frost in the mornings as nighttime Celsius temperatures plunged deep into the single digit range.  It’s been so cool that one local restaurant and outdoor café installed overhead radiant heaters in a bid to keep his outdoor patrons warm as they try to enjoy some summer dining:

One German café struggling to keep his summer patrons warm has installed overhead radiant heaters. Photo by P. Gosselin

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July 19, 2022 at 11:30AM

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