Global Warming Has Stalled Over Much Of The Last 10 Years, Arctic Never Melted Away

The globe hasn’t been warming and the Arctic hasn’t been melting much for almost a decade now.

Recall the climate crisis loonies warned us some 20 years ago the Arctic sea ice would disappear by the summer of 2014. Well it’s still very much there, as Joe Bastardi reminds us at his most recent Saturday Summary:

As Joe explains, it’s in fact currently running above the mean of the 2010s, and right close to the mean of the 2000s.

No warming in 8 years

Moreover, UAH global mean temperature anomaly hasn’t risen in eight years as well, Hat-tip Snowfan here:

The “climate crisis” is  a political fraud. Period.

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July 22, 2022 at 01:00PM

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