Putin Mocks EU: “Looking For Culprits” To Blame For Their “Unreasonable And Unpredictable” Energy Decisions

Putin mocks Europe: Green energy policies to blame for energy woes. European leaders make really dumb decisions, and then go blaming others.

Now that Germany has rushed ahead on shutting down its baseload nuclear and coal power plants – thinking it can power the country solely with renewables -, its leaders knowingly made themselves reliant on Russian gas exports.

And since Russia invaded Ukraine, Germany thought it could retaliate economically by shunning Russian gas as well. But that strategy is backfiring spectacularly, only hurting German consumers through skyrocketing natural gas bills.

Germany and Europe are now implementing austerity plans, asking its citizens to turn down the thermostat this winter, take shorter and fewer showers. Europeans should even expect gas to be turned off and to figure out ways to fend for themselves.”

“European countries currently fear a severe gas crisis,” reports the online German Merkur here. “To be prepared for the worst-case scenario – a complete cut-off of Russian gas – many countries are drawing up energy-saving plans.”

Of course, it’s all Putin’s fault, EU leaders and media like to claim. But as the Merkur reports, Vladimir Putin sees that very differently, reportedly even scoffing at the EU claims that the Russian leader is behind the gas supply problems. According to Putin: “Well, what’s the point? “You’ve gone completely crazy. Save water, save electricity. What kind of nonsense is that just?”

Merkur and Germany’s DPA press agency also report Putin said. “Russia has nothing to do with it”. There they have made mistakes themselves, don’t know what to do and are looking for culprits.”

Putin commented that in some countries: “They scare people with these problems, and then they make decisions that are unreasonable and unpredictable. And the next step is: they look for culprits.”

One example is Russian state-owned company Gazprom stopping deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline because a Siemens turbine got held up in Canada due to sanctions.

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July 23, 2022 at 10:54AM

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