Eat crickets and stop droughts

Cheddar Cheese Puffs made with cricket flour are already here (in Canada anyway).

The company that sells the Cricket Puffs is called ActuallyFoods, possibly because BugFoods, or Pests-for-dinner might not be a winner.


Worth noting: “People who are allergic to Shellfish may be allergic to Crickets”.

They are professional marketeers. Putting cricket flour into the junk food category first is a way to sneak it in and quietly normalize it. People buying junk foods at the supermarket probably aren’t reading the ingredients list too closely, and people eating puffs at parties definitely aren’t.

Remember eating crickets will change jet streams

Or at least make you feel saintly:


We prioritize the planet just as much as we do our health. Our superfoods produce less emissions and waste than traditional health foods, so they’re an easy choice for eco-friendly eaters.

This is food with all the fashionable buzz-words:

Powered by sustainably farmed, organic crickets, our puffs are high in protein, rich in vitamins such as B12, and a natural source of prebiotics.

I note these crickets are not free-range.

At $5.99 a bag they will be aimed at the wealthy-Greens seeking self-advertising or […]

via JoNova

August 15, 2022 at 02:05PM

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