Germany Plans “Climate Lockdown”…Forbidden To Leave Doors Open…Washcloths Instead Of Showers!

The future in Germany is lockdown after lockdown.
After the COVID lockdown, Germany now moving to impose a climate lockdown, says German Editor in Chief.

Germany’s Bild TV YouTube site here looks at the latest Socialist-Green government’s initiatives to combat the country’s deepening energy crisis.

The latest initiatives have been drawn up by Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Green Party). Among the new rules, according to BILD TV: Shops are no longer allowed to keep the entrances continuously open (in order to prevent energy from being wasted by excess heating or air conditioning).

In the video, BILD TV asks its Editor in Chief, Claus Strunz, what’s behind the new regulation, commenting that essentially what we have is a government that is increasingly encroaching ever deeper into our private lives. “Something that nutty could only be conjured up by some crazy bureaucrats,” Strunz comments. “That’s precisely what we don’t want: the government ruling the area of retail.”

According to Strunz, “In a nutshell, Robert Habeck – this guy with a bushy hairdo, who sits around like a nice guy during the press conferences – is planning nothing other than the climate lockdown.”

Strunz sees a government that is going too far: “I see as the next step two officers walking through residential areas at 10 o’clock in the evening and saying, ‘Look up there! Two windows are partially open. Our list of fines says that’ll be a fine of 25 euros.’ Write them a ticket, just like illegal parking.”

Strunz continues: “I envision Christmas police who come around and say, ‘What? Christmas trees with electric lights? This year, and they are turning them on already at 5 pm and don’t turn them off until 9 pm? That’s a 50-euro fine!’”

Though the notion of an energy policy running loose harassing citizens may seem far-fetched, Strunz reminds us how just 2 years ago in Germany no one could imagine COVID lockdowns and 10 pm curfews.

Strunz sums up: “I believe that what we saw with Corona, we will see with climate.”

Back to 19th century: washcloths instead of showers!

Last Friday, the prime Minister of Baden Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party) said in an interview that citizens should use a a washcloth instead of taking showers “all the time”:

“You don’t always have to shower. After all, there are washcloths and face cloths. A useful invention.” he said.

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August 23, 2022 at 12:57PM

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