Did they really say “Punishment”?

Did they really say “Punishment”?

The Queensland government will allow unvaccinated teachers to return to work, but at a lower pay rate for 18 weeks. It has also sent them nasty letters to make sure they feel intimidated.  There are only so many words for vindictive, spiteful tyrants.

Do the vaccinated realize that this will bite them soon too? Once bureaucrats can inflict penalties retrospectively, capriciously and with no possible reasoning (they don’t even try) — then anyone can be the next victim.

Meanwhile, the CDC says you can’t have the new omicron vaccine unless you take the old out-of-date vaccine first

Not that anyone is hankering to try another round of medical experiments, but in what immunological world does that make sense… The old vaccines prime immune systems to respond to a virus that hasn’t been seen for 18 months. Using an out-of-date vaccine increases the risk of Original Antigenic Sin and Antibody Dependent Enhancement where our bodies make antibodies that aren’t as effective or which help the virus infect our cells. It’s playing with immunological fire.

It’s so stupid it’s getting spooky. Here’s the CDC:

Newly updated Covid booster shots designed to target omicron’s BA.5 subvariant should be available within in the next three weeks. That begs an important question: Who’s going to be eligible to get them?

The short answer: anyone ages 12 and up who has completed a primary vaccination series, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesperson tells CNBC Make It. It’s unlikely to matter whether you’ve received any other booster doses or not before, the spokesperson says — but if you’re unvaccinated, you won’t be eligible for the updated formula until you complete a primary series with the existing Covid vaccines.

It’s like their main aim is to clear the superseded floor stock, or make more sales for Mr Pfizer, not your health.

Or are they really afraid there are still people around who can act as a control group?

What is it with these people?


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August 25, 2022 at 03:30PM

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