Volkswagon solves glue protests by supporting them — no lights, no heating, no attention

The new glue trend in protests may suddenly be over. Just like that.

Nine new protestors called “Scientist-Rebellion” turned up to the Volkswagon factory and glued themselves to the floor saying they were “on hunger strike until our demands to decarbonize the German transport sector are met.”. The normal response is to call the police and get the glue protestors arrested which gives them the attention they so desire. Instead, Volkswagon immediately decarbonized the factory — turned everything off including the heating and left the protestors there to figure out the scientific logistics of eating, drinking, and going to the toilet while glued to a cold floor.

You’ve nailed it mate. No heating, no lights. You’ve successfully decarbonised the hall that you are in. Let us know how it’s working out for you, and see if you can join the dots. https://t.co/0pcg3nqTSV

— MoltoVinos (@IncognitoMV) October 20, 2022

The list of demands from glue-geniuses:

Getting ready for first night of sleep inside the Porsche Pavillion @Autostadt to demand @VW to eventually act to decarbonise the transport sector.

These are our demands to the Volkswagen CEO, adapted from our general demands. (1) support introduction […]

via JoNova


October 21, 2022 at 01:42AM

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