China is the luminous elephant floating in the kitchen at COP27: the developing nation that builds space stations

China is the luminous elephant floating in the kitchen at COP27: the developing nation that builds space stations

China emits more CO2 than first world combined, but tells the West to “do more” as it quietly sprints into the Space Race

China, dragon flag.

China signed the Paris Agreement, which meant nothing at all. It is now building 60% of all the new coal plants in the world while the West does a kind of Tantric Energy Yoga —  trying to run smelters with solar panels.

China’s emissions of CO2 exceed all developed nations combined, yet President Xi is not even attending COP27, and almost no one cares.

This is the luminous elephant floating in the kitchen at COP27:

If CO2 mattered, they would care. But the point of COP27 was never about the climate.

China's emissions global, compared to US, India, Russia, EU. Graph.

China absurdly mocks the moral carbon-beauty-contest of the west, while applauding us, and playing by its own rules

From the sidelines, the CCP berates and eggs on the West saying that “empty slogans are not ambition” and calling for the “UN climate summit to address the concerns of developing nations.”

Li Gao, director of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment’s climate change department… urged developed nations to meet their commitments on the US$100 billion per year and called for rich countries to develop a more ambitious road map for climate finance for 2021-25 and onwards.    — South China Morning Post

Meanwhile today China-the-developing-nation is celebrating the docking of their third space module. Nothing says “advanced” quite like building your own space station. Nothing says “dangerous” quite like working on the far side of the moon, where no one can see you, which is another project for the China National Space Administration.

As Dr Malcolm Davis says the Chinese program is heavily integrated with the PLA. It’s a military “dual purpose” operation.

There’s a shadow war in Space “every day”. China is actively testing the US defences in space on a daily basis, harassing them with lasers, radio jammers, cyber attacks and even other satellites with robotic grappling hook arms.

Meanwhile it’s almost like there is a shadow economic and industrial war too, and one of the weapons is “carbon”.

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November 1, 2022 at 02:23PM

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