Climate Protestors Attempt to Disrupt the Melbourne Cup Horse Race

Essay by Eric Worrall

Their communism was showing :- “… at your pheasant, drink your wine, your days are numbered, bourgeois swine …”.

Chaos breaks out at Melbourne Cup, Police argue with protesters


Climate protesters are running amok at the Melbourne Cup, blocking a key entry point into Flemington racecourse. 

Activists standing on the roof of a van blocking the road have been filmed and live streamed by a fellow protester, as she was interviewed by police.

Protesters blocking the road were heard yelling “at your pheasant, drink your wine, your days are numbered, bourgeois swine”.

“We are at the Melbourne Cup asking for climate justice.”

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The 162 year old Melbourne cup event is about as egalitarian as a large national event can be. Ticket prices this year started from AU $158 AUD for a family day ticket, so its fair to say a lot of the attendees were ordinary working class people – though of course much pricier options were available.

I remember attending the Melbourne Cup once as a kid. We didn’t have champagne and pheasant, we had peanut butter sandwiches a picnic blanket. My mum brought a thermos of tea and we had bottles of water, so we didn’t have to pay for overpriced food and drink at the stands – though mum bought us all an ice cream when she won one of her long shot $0.50 race bets.

Of course most socialists ceased to care about actual workers a long time ago. Particularly the kind of spoiled brat green champagne socialists who live off their wealthy parents, who fill their empty lives pretending to be downtrodden victims, destroying priceless artworks and disrupting the lives of real working class people. Everyone who isn’t part of their clan of fake proletariat is “bourgeois swine”, or whatever other insults their small minds can imagine.

Note the image at the top of the page is a generic horse racing image.

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November 1, 2022 at 04:27PM

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