ABC sucked in by obvious rainfall errors at Muja Power Station a BoM site

Our GreenLeft ALP/ABC has an interesting article on Australian rainfall during our often wet 2022.
Raining champs – Records fell up and down Australia’s east coast as rains, floods and insurance payouts all hit new peaks. As we welcome back the sun to our lives in 2023, what should we do to prepare for the next big wet? – Casey Briggs 31Dec22 –
There are plenty of interesting graphics and photos to help us reprise 2022. Here and there through the article there are quotes from Professor Janette Lindesay, a climatologist at the Australian National University. About 2/3rds down their page we come to a map in shades of greens a greys preceded by text saying – “This map shows you how much wetter 2022 has been. We’ve taken data from nearly 1,000 weather stations, to map out how different this year’s rain is from the median of the past 30 years.” You see parts of SW WA are in a grey zone which means [10% dryer than …the median of the past 30 years”. Reading down under our grey and green map we see a quote by Professor Janette Lindesay “Janette Lindesay says there’s been a long-term drying trend in south-west WA since the 1970s.” Moving down the ABC says “This year, again, Perth and surrounding areas missed out on much of the rainfall.” Yet Perth Metro recorded 700.2mm in 2022 which is only 36.6mm under the annual mean. The ABC goes on “As of the end of November, the rain gauge at the Muja Power Station, about 60 kilometres inland of Bunbury, has received just 124mm of rain all year (we don’t yet have December figures).” Beneath that are two charts headed by “Parts of south west WA are bone dry – Cumulative annual rainfall at the Muja Power Station rain gauge” This graphic
and the chart underneath shows how BoM rainfall data from Muja Power Station BoM #9738 has only recorded 124mm rain for 2022.
I have checked rainfall from surrounding BoM and WA DPIRD gauges and those data offer no support for the notion that Muja Power Station BoM #9738 can be relied upon. Here are links to two Collie/Muja district maps annotated with 2022 rainfall, one from BoM -
and the other from WA DPIRD.-
Remember the WA DPIRD has a separate network of weather stations indie of BoM.
You can make various 2022 rain maps now at this BoM page –®ion=wa&year=2022&month=12&day=31

via Errors in IPCC climate science

December 31, 2022 at 09:46PM

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