California’s Newsom blames climate change as more storms line up to batter state

“Hot’s getting a lot hotter,” Newsom said. “Dry’s getting a lot dryer. But the wet’s getting a lot wetter, as well.” — The weather’s getting more weathery? It’s as if the wonder gas carbon dioxide can do anything, even at a tiny atmospheric concentration of 0.04%. Of course severe weather is a serious matter for those concerned, but the amazing power of CO2 is beyond belief /sarc!
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Newsom said climate change is to blame for the increase in the number of atmospheric rivers and intensity, reports Fox News.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced during a press conference on Sunday that he is requesting a state of emergency from the White House as another round of storms targets the Golden State this week.

Severe storms in California knocked out power to over 560,000 homes on Sunday.

Along with power outages, the state has faced several days of severe weather events and two more are scheduled to occur this week. The first storm is expected to begin Monday and go into the early morning hours on Tuesday, and the second storm will occur from Jan. 12-14.

“We’ve been at this how many days and expect to see the worst of it still in front of us,” Newsom said. “We’re anticipating some very intense weather coming in tomorrow, tomorrow evening in particular, into the early hours of Tuesday morning.”

The governor and his team referred to these storms as atmospheric rivers, or storms that dump massive amounts of rain, causing flooding, mudslides, property damage and the loss of life.

In fact, 12 people have died because of flooding during atmospheric river events according to Newsom, making them more deadly than wildfires over the last two years.
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Newsom said he has been in contact with the White House to discuss federal assistance with these storms, and that he was ready to make a formal request on Sunday. He added that he was confident he would get the full support of the federal government.

He also said the intensity of these atmospheric rivers are not only increasing but are also the result of climate change.

“Hot’s getting a lot hotter,” Newsom said. “Dry’s getting a lot dryer. But the wet’s getting a lot wetter, as well.”

Full report here.

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January 9, 2023 at 04:22AM

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