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Following on from the research that found science is slowing down. Determined by the number of citication sof new papers compared to the papers the new ones cite.

It seems that what has been foudn is… We are refining old insights not developing new ones.

It may be the peer review system and culture of ‘publish or ;erish’ is pushing research into incremental gains. But it might also be that new branches of science are not being opened up.

Shannon’s work on information theory came about from a new challenge. New technology. That has always been the case.
Science follows challenges from the real world. The Laws of Thermodynamics were not discovered before the steam engine was.

So long as primary and secondary industry was centred in the open West, science challenges were shared, and papers published. When manufacturing moved to China the challenges moved with it.

Cutting edge science – new fields – are now being found in Asia (if anywhere), not the West. And they are not so open with their advances.

I suspect that the most original work is still progressing at the same rate. But it’s hidden in state-funded and state-controlled baskets.
Meanwhile, we in the West are just refining the insights of 60 years ago.

via Watts Up With That?

January 13, 2023 at 04:48AM

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