Judith Curry Part 1: Presentation about her new book | Tom Nelson Podcast #77

Tom Nelson

Dr. Judith Curry is President and co-founder of CFAN. Following an influential career in academic research and administration, Curry founded CFAN to support the management of weather and climate risk. She is Professor Emerita at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she served as Chair of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for 13 years.

Curry is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Geophysical Union. She is frequently called upon to give Congressional testimony and serve as an expert witness on matters related to weather and climate. Curry received a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences from the University of Chicago.


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New book by Judith Curry: Climate Uncertainty and Risk, Anthem Press, 256 pages (in press; publication date June 6, 2023) https://www.amazon.com/Climate-Uncert…

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March 3, 2023 at 08:30AM

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