Net Zero Watch urges UK government to stand up to the wind lobby’s blackmail 

New briefing exposes the lobby’s deceptive tactics and the true cost of wind farms

London, 8 March – Net Zero Watch has urged the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to resist the renewables industry’s demands for additional subsidies and has denounced its blackmailing tactics.

Its new briefing for MPs and ministers exposes a systematic campaign to deceive the public over the real cost of wind farms.

Author Andrew Montford explains that wind lobby claims of a dramatic fall in costs, repeated incessantly since 2017, were deliberate falsehoods.

If it were true, costs could double and they’d still make extraordinary profits at current market prices. The truth is that they deceived the public when they said there had been a cost revolution.”

And claims that wind farms have suffered input price inflation since bids were submitted a year ago are also untrue. Most key commodities used in the production and deployment of wind turbines have reduced in prices, and the bids are inflation-indexed in any case.

Net Zero Watch director, Dr Benny Peiser said:

Wind farms are awash with billions of subsidies every year, making energy bills more expensive year on year. To blackmail the government and demand even more handouts, at a time when households are struggling to make ends meet, is reprehensible and should be categorically opposed by ministers.”

Andrew Montford: The economics of wind power (pdf)

via Net Zero Watch

March 8, 2023 at 05:23AM

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