In Honor of Earth Day, Two New Exclusive WUWT Features are Now Online

We’ve been busy.

As the proprietor of “World’s Most Viewed Climate Related Website,” I have a mandate to keep that title. Today, two new permanent additions to the WUWT set of resources are now online. Both are unique, and both are exclusive, both are factually based. Even better, both will irritate climate alarmists.

#1 Earth’s Real-Time Temperature

The first is a really simple widget added to the right sidebar, seen below:

Whaaaat! you say? Real-Time Earth’s temperature – impossible! Only certified climate scientists can do that. Well, um….no. We can do it, and we did. Working with a friend of ours who runs a website (who shall remain nameless) and our resident tech wizard, Eric Worrall, we have made use of their API (specially modified at my request) to display the real-time temperature of the Earth. Data has been recorded back to 2015, as you can see in the graph below. It will continue going forward.

Note: after working perfectly all week, the deviation value stopped working on the API. It is correct on the source website, but not in the API. They are looking into it.

How does it work? It is pretty simple really. Thanks to the Internet, all sorts of global temperature data in near real-time (hourly) is available.

Data sources – click links for details: 

All that data is gathered hourly, put into a gridded average, computed and displayed. It is compared to the “normal” baseline temperature of 57.2°F.

In this calculation, the “normal” temperature of the Earth is assumed to be 57.2°F, and that is simply compared to temperature reported by all of the stations to obtain the absolute temperature deviation from “normal” at that moment.

The basis of this number comes from NASA GISS itself, from their FAQ page as seen in August 2016 as captured by the Wayback Machine.

Screen capture of the NASA GISS FAQ’s page from August 24, 2016 – Source: Wayback Machine

Of course, they’ve removed it now, because well, they don’t want people like me doing this stuff. Only certified climate scientists can do that stuff. /sarc.

#2 Failed Predictions Timeline

We wanted a “one stop shop” that would display all of the bogus predictions (and outcomes) about climate, energy and the human condition all in one easy to use package.

This has been a work in progress over several months between myself, Charles Rotter, and Eric Worrall. At least two previous versions have been thrown out and redone (thank you Eric for your patience). We think we’ve got it right.

See it here:

Screencap below.

Note the search features. You can choose topic, person who made the prediction, and year to filter by. Once you do that, it will give you the result.

Most importantly, each entry comes with an “outcome” section. See below for an example.

Try it out, and please be sure to let us know in comments what you think, and if we missed anything.

via Watts Up With That?

April 22, 2023 at 02:05PM

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