Did You Get Your Climate Emergency Alert?

By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness




Tens of millions of mobile phone users have received a message and loud alarm during the first nationwide test of the government’s new public alert system.

It is intended to be used in situations such as extreme weather, flooding, and fires.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said "it really is the sound that could save your life".

Ministers have insisted alerts will only be sent in "life-threatening" situations.

People who do not wish to receive the alerts will be able to opt out in their device settings, switch off their phones, or place them in flight mode – but the authorities hope many will choose to keep them on.

Such systems have seen increased adoption by governments in recent years, with the pandemic and climate-related emergencies increasing the need for fast and direct communication with the public.

The EU has introduced a directive requiring member states to have a phone-based public warning system


Oliver Dowden rather lets the cat out of the bag here. This never had anything to do with “saving people’s lives”; quite apart from anything else it is far too broadbrush to do that.

No, it is all about ramping up the climate scare campaign.

Every bit of bad weather nowadays seems to be linked to climate change. And if you look at the BBC weather forecast, you can almost guarantee to see a “UK Flood Warnings” message.


And we all know about the BBC uses black wind gust speeds, instead of the usual average wind speeds, whenever there are strong winds, which is all designed to make it look scarier.

Now apparently we need to be alerted to “climate emergencies”. Unless you have switched off the alerts on your phone, you can expect to hear them regularly in future, warning us about heavy rainfall, a bit of hot weather and the like.

As Ian M pointed out, it is intended to keep drip feeding the fear of climate catastrophe.



April 24, 2023 at 03:55AM

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