COVID discussion thread VI

by Judith Curry

A roundup of interesting articles on COVID-19.


A new, experimental wearable device is capable of catching early signs and symptoms associated with the coronavirus. [link]

Lets have an honest debate about herd immunity [link]

47 old drugs that might treat coronavirus [link]

COVID19 deaths analyzed by race and ethnicity [link]

The mystery of India’s low COVID-19 death rate [link]

New York researcher says preliminary results of hydroxychloroquine study are ready, but state hasn’t released them [link]

Italian scientist says she discovered main mechanism behind COVID19 [link]

Face masks against COVID-19: An evidence review [link]

The odds that a primary case transmitted COVID-19 in a closed environment was 18.7 times greater compared to an open-air environment. [link]

Just released German antibody study estimates the fatality rate of the SARS-CoV-2 infection to be 0.36% and poses new question marks.$FILE/Streeck_et_al_Infection_fatality_rate_of_SARS_CoV_2_infection2.pdf

This paper finds nursing home residents comprise 57% of all COVID-19 deaths in Spain, 53% in Italy, and 45% in France.

Individual variation in the likelihood of COVID-19 infection may mean we’ll reach herd immunity sooner than expected [Preprint]

Scientists learned that the coronavirus needs two particular proteins to take over our cells. Could they be the key to an effective drug treatment? [link]

From Iceland, which has the most extensive testing in the world: “We have not found a single instance of a child infecting parents.”

The underground doctors’ movement questioning the use of ventilators [link]

Bill Gates sees RNA vaccines as best options for quick coronavirus treatment

Five things to know as intelligence community probes coronavirus’s origins

New publication on the ‘Flow Physics of COVID-19’ looking at what we do – and perhaps more importantly don’t – know about the fluid mechanics of disease spread.

What the coronavirus models can’t see [link]

Bombshell dossier lays out coronavirus case against China [link]

Serum 25(OH)D (=Vitamin D) level was *lowest* in critical cases, but *highest* in mild cases. Vitamin D status is significantly associated with clinical outcomes.

The info war on Chloroquine has slowed COVID-19 science [link]

First data  out of Iran. Looks like a very careful randomized cluster sample that finds 14-29% (with central tendency at 21%) infection in Guilan Province, Iran. 69% asymptomatic

Comparing COVID-19 deaths to flu deaths is like comparing apples to oranges [link]

Giving blood thinners to severely ill covid19 patients gaining ground [link]


Treat the patient, not the virus [link]

The great price of America’s great lockdown [link]

Efficient #testing has enabled #Germany—Europe’s most populous country, with almost twice as many inhabitants as Spain, to avoid the worst of the #coronavirus scourge. How did Germany do it? By minimizing bureaucratic impediments. [link]

Gilead’s lobbying rose as interest in COVID-19 treatment climbed [link]

Why weren’t we ready for the coronavirus? [link]

China was in violation of International Health Regulations. What do we do now? [link]

Competing Science: Coronavirus Red-Team to make case for use of facemasks and quicker end to lockdown [link]

How we can prevent the next pandemic [link]


UK scientists being drawn into very unpleasant political situation [link]

Americans have to accept uncertainty [link]

Independent SAGE group is an oxymoron [link]

The Coronavirus Is Rewriting Our Imaginations

via Climate Etc.

May 6, 2020 at 07:38PM

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