US Post workers told to backdate Stamps, then stood down, interrogated

How much have we lost in the last month?

Until a week ago there was something slightly sacred about post marks– it was a legal document, a historical record of the day. Something we could rely on. In a small way, USPS represents The United States: all decent nations have decent postage systems. All crooked banana republics, don’t.

Then we found out some US Postal Workers were told to backdate stamps. It may not seem like much compared to losing the right to free and fair elections. But on any normal day, this is a big deal.

Everyone understands what a backdated post mark means.

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Project Veritas has been investigating whistleblower reports.

In Pennsylvania Richard Hopkins, a postal worker, says that he heard one worker getting in trouble for accidentally datestamping one ballot envelope with the correct date — Nov 4 — when it should have been Nov 3. They has postdated all the other ballots picked up that day for Nov 3rd, thus laundering illegal votes and ensuring they would be counted.

He said “I’m nervous. I am nervous because this is a big deal.” But he is willing to testify before Congress.

Hopkins […]

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November 11, 2020 at 12:57PM

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