Claim: San Francisco Covid-19 Exodus – 89,000 Families have Left

Mule wagon loaded with personal belongingsMule wagon loaded with personal belongingsMule wagon loaded with personal belongings
1913: Mr. and Mrs James Dodge and children posed in a MULE drawn wagon loaded with personal belongings. The Photograph was taken in front of the Canadian Pacific Railway Station in Lethbridge. Source Galt Museum / Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Your new neighbour could be Californian; Covid-19 and presumably Covid-19 lockdowns appear to be the final straw for people living in California’s filthy crime ridden big cities.

As many as 89,000 households have left San Francisco since March, the latest sign of an exodus spurred by the pandemic


As many as 89,000 households have moved out of San Francisco since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s according to San Francisco-based site Public Comment, which worked with the United States Postal Service to track requests for a change of address between March 1 and November 1, 2020.

Some households relocated to neighbouring areas like Marin County and Oakland. For those who decamped the Bay Area entirely, they spread to cities and towns across the country. According to Public Comment, Las Vegas was the No. 1 destination, followed by Palm Beach County, Florida; Seminole County, Florida; the Denver region; and Beaverton, Oregon, a city just west of Portland.

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The migration out of San Francisco may be due, at least in part, to some tech companies shutting their offices and no longer requiring employees to live nearby. In August, anonymous workplace chat app Blind surveyed 3,300 tech workers about living in the Bay Area the survey found that 15% had already left the area and 60% said they would leave if they could.

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The closest I’ve come to visiting San Francisco was a week in West Hollywood. At first we walked everywhere, but after my wife pointed out the group of gentlemen waiting to greet us in the shadows under a bridge on the road to Universal Studios, we decided to catch a cab.

So I completely understand people not wanting to live in big Californian cities, especially with the latest twist of the screw, harsh Covid lockdown rules issued by a hypocrite governor who struggles to follow his own regulations.

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December 3, 2020 at 08:40PM

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