Professors: The Entire Fossil Fuel Industry Must Be ‘Euthanized’ To Save Humanity From Warmth

Two University of Michigan professors insist we “must reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to zero” to stabilize the planet’s temperature. But because 80% of our energy use still comes from carbon-based sources today, “ending it will not be easy.” The death of all fossil fuel industry must be imposed, euthanasia-style.

It has now reached the point that academic elites are no longer concealing their real inclinations and intentions in massaged semantics or subtleties.

Two US business professors argue that the looming climate catastrophe (which they believe has been caused solely by human greenhouse gas emissions) necessitates that “the shape and structure of modern capitalism will have to be changed.”

No more roads. No more plastic or steel  or electronic products. No more air travel. All the industries that use petroleum products of any kind, no matter how essential, must end this practice, effective immediately. Fossil fuel use must be 100% eliminated.

The cost to get to zero greenhouse gas emissions? Estimates range from $100 to $150 trillion over the next 30 years.

And putting a price on carbon use doesn’t nearly go far enough. It’s not possible to get to zero emissions just by making fossil fuel use more expensive. The entire fossil fuel industry – the producers as well as the recipients – must undergo, as the authors put it, “compassionate destruction.”

If there is any resistance to the total destruction of fossil fuel use, then euthanasia – “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals,” must be put into practice. Imposed. Forced.

“A future in which we address climate change may require that the entire sector be euthanized, imposing death ahead of its imminent arrival.”

It is not our job to question. The situation is so real, so dire, that our only job now is to “come to terms with the extreme decision that has to be made for the patient.”

Image Source: Hoffman and Ely, 2023

via NoTricksZone

May 25, 2023 at 04:37PM

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